charmed appreciation week • day two: favourite pairing


i get so offended when people dont like my favorite characters

i get even more offended when people think they love them more than me

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Leo Fitz Week » Day One: Favourite Fitz Moments

Emma: *sees Elsa* You have got to be kidding me.
Emma: Who's gonna show up next? Mufasa?
*the clouds begin to swirl and take shape*
Emma: *looks up* What now.
Mufasa: *looks down at Emma* Remember who you are.
Emma: I give up.

sleeping beauty arc for 4B of ouat…just picture how amazing that would be


The Four Seasons of Disney (insp.)

bold what you prefer


stark or lannister or targaryen or greyjoy

dorne or king’s landing or winterfell

direwolves or dragons

oberyn or doran

sansa or margaery or daenerys

the night’s watch or the kingsguard

westeros or beyond the wall

book one or two or three or four or five

the hound or the mountain that rides

the red wedding or the purple wedding

robb or joffrey or stannis or renly

queen or khaleesi

tyrion or jaime or cersei

tyrell or martell

the books or the tv show


atheists who hate when religious people try to jam religion down ppls throats but then go and try to force atheism down ppls throats really confuse me